Gelish Dip Ombre Coat

Gelish Dip Ombre Coat

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Ombre' continues to be a high demand service, but a difficult and timely technique. Light Activated Gelish Ombre' Coat allows professionals to upcharge for a trend forward look but execute a full look in just minutes! Easy application, LED cured to finish and no mess. Designed for use with Gelish Xpress Dip and works with Gelish Soft Gel Tips.

1. Apply Gelish Ombre Coat to a nail with dip that has been activated & buffed. Cure 30 seconds in LED light.
2. Dip nail into powder then cure. Repeat, building color on the edge of the tip to create the faded look.
3. Reapply Gelish Ombre Coat & cure 30 seconds in LED light. Repeat dip for second coat & cure for 30 seconds.
4. Finish with Gelish Top It Off top coat and cure for 30 seconds.