Digital SNS Color Scale

Digital SNS Color Scale

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Enhance your hair coloring process with the advanced Digital SNS Color Scale from PinkPro Beauty Supply. This battery-operated digital color scale is designed to revolutionize your hair coloring experience, ensuring consistent and flawless results every time. With its sleek clear glass top and innovative features, this scale is a must-have tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

  • Precision at your fingertips: Say goodbye to guesswork! The Digital SNS Color Scale enables you to accurately weigh and measure hair color, giving you precise control over your color formulations. Experience unparalleled consistency in your color applications.
  • Versatile Measurement Options: Whether you prefer ounces, pounds or grams, this scale has got you covered. Tailor your measurements to your preference, making the color mixing process seamless and adaptable.
  • Tare Function for Efficiency: The built-in tare function allows you to place your color bowl on the scale and reset the reading to zero, ensuring that only the weight of the color is measured. This feature saves time and minimizes the need for manual calculations.
  • High Capacity: With an impressive 5000g/11lb. capacity, the Digital SNS Color Scale accommodates various quantities of color products. From small touch-ups to larger color batches, this scale can handle it all.
  • Battery Operated Convenience: Designed for your convenience, this scale is powered by batteries, allowing you to use it anywhere without the constraints of cords or outlets.