Cuccio Artisan Shea & Vetiver Intense Hydrating Treatment

Cuccio Artisan Shea & Vetiver Intense Hydrating Treatment

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Quench skin's thirst with Cuccio Shea & Vetiver Hydrating Treatment. This formula harnesses shea butter and vetiver to deliver intense moisture. Perfect for extremely dry skin, it revitalizes and nourishes, leaving a radiant glow.

  • Intensive Moisture: Experience ultimate hydration as shea butter penetrates for deep nourishment. Its velvety texture renews skin, combating dryness effectively.
  • For Extreme Dryness: Combat rough patches and discomfort with this treatment tailored for extreme dryness. Restore your skin's suppleness and moisture barrier.
  • Nourishing Vitamins and Oils: Shea butter's vitamins A and E, combined with vetiver's soothing properties, create a blend that hydrates and nurtures skin health.
  • Daily Revitalization: Include Cuccio Shea & Vetiver Hydrating Treatment in your daily routine. Lightweight and quick-absorbing, it's perfect under makeup or at bedtime.