The interest in nail care and at-home techniques has skyrocketed as consumer lifestyles have changed post lockdown. Healthy nails are easy to achieve with education to the consumer. Luckily for the pros, consumers are paying closer attention since having to care for their hair, skin and nails on their own. With a few simple design trends and nail care products, you can keep your clients coming back for touch-up services and easy product up-sells.


Nude is always in season. Nails that look fresh and neat are always the goal, and thankfully there is an easy way to get everyone their perfect shade.  Check the inside wrist of the client... - If the veins in their wrist are blue, they have cool undertones - If the veins are green, they have warm undertones - If the veins are difficult to decipher, the undertones are neutral Once you have determined the undertones, then decide if the client's skin is fair, medium, olive, or dark and choose your color!

 FAIR SKIN TONE - WITH COOL UNDERTONES: OPI Bubble Bath, CND Romantique, Gelish Tan My Hide - WITH WARM UNDERTONES: OPI Half Past Nude, CND Baby Smile, Gelish Forever Beauty - WITH NEUTRAL UNDERTONES: OPI Lisbon Wants Moor OPI, CND Pointe Blanc, Gelish Simply Irresistible MEDIUM SKIN TONE - WITH COOL UNDERTONES: OPI Put It In Neutral, CND Unlocked, Gelish Prim Rose & Proper - WITH WARM UNDERTONES: OPI Stop I'm Blushing, CND Uncovered, Gelish All About That Pout - WITH NEURAL UNDERTONES: OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, CND Grapefruit Sparkle, Gelish Curls & Pearls OLIVE SKIN TONE - WITH COOL UNDERTONES: OPI Passion, CND Antique, Gelish Simple Sheer - WITH WARM UNDERTONES: OPI Samoan Sand, CND Powder My Nose, Gelish Do I Look Buff - WITH NEUTRAL UNDERTONES: OPI Somewhere Over The Rainbow Mountains, CND Nude Knickers, Gelish Young Wild & Freesia DARK SKIN TONE - WITH COOL UNDERTONES: OPI Tickle My Francey, CND Gala Girl, Gelish She's My Beauty - WITH WARM UNDERTONES: OPI My Italian Is A Little Rusty. CND Sweet Cider, Gelish Reserve - WITH NEUTRAL UNDERTONES: OPI You've Got That Glas-Glow, CND Cashmere Wrap, Gelish Gardenia My Heart


Metallic, chrome-finish nails are elegant, yet edgy. The perfect combination for someone looking to make a statement. Chrome can be achieved with pigment, stickers, or chrome pens. Gelish Chrome Stix are the newest, mess-free way to achieve metallic nails with a quick, cure-to-finish service. Apply over dark or light nail polish shades for different effects.  Nails by @gelishiousnailsbyrachel on Instagram Shade: Gelish Soak- Off Gel in Strike A Posie | Chrome: Gelish Chrome Stix in Pink Opal


Proper nail prep is key to beginning any service. Start by sanitizing you and your clients hands and prepare with gloves for yourself. Next, trim the clients nails if necessary and shape with a 240 grit file. Gently (key word here) slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate toward to proximal nail fold and along each lateral nail fold. Then, guide a curette along the nail plate to remove non-living tissue. If needed, finish removing any loose pieces with manicure nippers by carefully cutting.  Image by @kay_912 on Instagram "See that Proximal Nail fold? That's live tissue - STOP cutting it off like it doesn't belong! Why? Because the body will try to protect itself from the injury you just imposed on it and it will grow back thicker keeping you on an endless merri-go round trying to contain it. Instead, only remove what is waving at you, dried up and flaky (i.e. hang nail) and use a high grade oil such as CND SolarOil 2x daily to keep it in check." - @kay_912 on Instagram After a successful prep and service, it's important to send your client home with the proper after care. Nail & Cuticle Oil is a great gateway product for clients as they can easily apply before going to bed for moisturized nails by the morning. CND SolarOil Essential Care Pens are a great, compact option. Seche Condition Cuticle Oil is a quality, affordable product that is infused with keratin, vitamin E, & jojoba oil.


Self care and grooming isn't for the feminine at heart anymore. Groomed nails are great for a professional image and manicured feet will actually help your performance in the gym by reducing the chance of irritation and nasty stuff like athletes foot and ingrown toenails. A MANicure is a great, quick service to add to your menu by offering a soak, sugar scrub, nail clean-up, and hand massage. Finish with CND AIr Dry Top Coat for a natural shine or OPI RapiDry Top coat for a man on the run. #MensNailArt is trending with cool aztec print designs on a natural nail base, but we never discourage from a little color either! Men's nails Nails by @muzhlac on Instagram Shop all of the manicure essentials, retail products, and latest collections at We carry the shades *they* don't want to ;)