We love fall! Cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything PLUS rich, warm colors start popping up on our Insta feed. You may think “summer” when you think of this hand painted process, but balayage is soooo sweater weather friendly! We asked Sunlights Balayage Artisan Team educator Vanessa Dyer how she’s using the technique to add rich, dimensional Fall hair color to her clients.


“Transitioning my summer balayage clients to rich, Fall tones is one of my favorite things to do,” Vanessa says. Here’s four ways to use Sunlights Balayage right now.  Go For a Glaze “As soft and natural a grow out as balayage, some clients simply require a quick glaze of any tone lighter than their natural color but darker than their summer blonde. It can be dark rich copper tones or simply warmer blonde tones. This is truly the easiest step! I love the way a simple copper glaze over her pre-existing balayage brings out her eyes and skin tone!”  Forever Blondes “Then there are those clients that still love their summer blonde but want to add deeper, rich dimension. This is where Sunlights Balayage melting techniques come into play. By adding more depth under and beside the blonde, you increase the depth and dimension while still maintaining a bright blonde. Here, I color melted her hair to add warm dimension while maintaining her pops of blonde.”  Level Up Layers “Hair is all about texture right now, and Sunlights Balayage Traveler Technique is perfect for adding dimensional, warm Fall highlights. This technique is perfect for layers because it prevents gaps, or dark holes within the haircut, as each section falls or travels down into the previous section painted. Remember to paint the haircut not cut the paint!” Find Vanessa’s video how to on the technique here.  More Pumpkin Spice Latte Time “Another thing I love about balayage is low maintenance, soft grow out! Here, my client only had a base retouch but will be back in 6 weeks for her Sunlights Balayage retouch. Another benefit of balayage, it’s truly for anyone!”