Did you hear the news? We’re excited to welcome Framar to the PinkPro family! A colorist’s best friend, Framar’s “Foil It” wraps revolutionized the industry. Husband and wife team, Frank and Maria Gallo (Fra-Mar, get it?) invented the first-ever pre-cut foil after they tired of hand cutting aluminum foil in their kitchen. Thirty years later, here’s why colorists STILL love this brand. We do too. FOLD IT AND HOLD IT No more caps and needles! in 1985, the debut of Foil It revolutionized an industry by allowing colorists to place formulas wherever they needed to on the head, instead of picking through a cap. Today, Foil it comes in multiple sizes, smooth or embossed, for grab and go ease. Multiple colors, and even fun patterns, allow precise color mapping and differentiating formulas and color for even the most complicated color sesh ever.   FUNK UP YOUR COLOR Funked Up Film is a must for fans of color blocking and balayage. The soft, pliable film grips hair and protects each section of color or highlights while processing. Roll storage means stylists can pull sections to length before cutting, perfect for super long hair. Better yet, Funked Up Film is biodegradable, so zero cling also means zero guilt!   A GLAM GLOVE GAME We have to give a hand to Framar for glamming up the glove game! Its surgical grade nitrile gloves are powder free, latex free, extra strength and feature a rolled 3-inch cuff for the ultimate in digit and wrist protection. Larisa Love became “Larisa Glove” when Black Mamba dropped… she declared them “claw proof!” Safe for your hands, Framar gloves are also incredibly gentle on hair; find Black Mamba and Pink Paws, with their top tier stretch in three sizes.   BRUSH ON, BRUSH OFF Big Daddy, Power Painter, Emperor, Pin Tail and the Triple Threat combo. From classic color to detail, Framar’s “Accu-Soft” bristles are the Goldilocks of the color world, not too hard and not too soft. Find them all right here.  But there’s more! Find all of your Framar faves, from Gator Grips to Super Sectioners to the Backwrds Bib, right here!