Are we bookmarked on your phone and laptop yet? We kinda think we need to be there, maybe between Instagram and your booking app, and if we’re not, here’s 6 reasons why PinkPro Beauty Supply should be among your shortcuts to success:

We Only Sell to Licensed Professionals

We only sell to beauty industry pros, that means your license opens the door to top name brands and tools (Framar, Colortrak, OPI, CND, MilkShake, Wahl… hello!) and you have exclusive access to pro-only products, advance purchase on new drops, and industry-wide promos and intro deals.

No Beauty Store Lines. Ever

The ability to stock your station 24/7 means you never have to enter a crowded beauty store again. No lines, no clerks who don’t know their way around a product, and no empty shelves. And tbh, no one has to know you did it all while watching Netflix, or in between clients. You’ll just look super organized.

That free shipping thing is real

Spend $75 or more and we’ll ship to your door FREE, often even the same day! Our state-of-the-art warehouse is pretty impressive, with over tens of thousands of professional products digitally tracked and verified throughout the order-building process. Your order is accompanied from send to “see you later” by an actual human, too. That means our mis-ships are super low, and our customer satisfaction is super high.

The promo deals are constant

You love a good deal. That’s why new PinkPros save 25% on their first order on signup and existing pros can text PINKPRO to 888-851-1999 for 10% off anytime. In addition, our promo guide comes out every other month, that means you have two months to cash in on seasonal BOGOS, sales, GWPs and brand sales. And if you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram, we’re always tossing out promo codes on new launches and super hot items. Basically, if you’re itching for a sale or code, chances are, we have one for you.

Education is off the charts

Continuing education is critical to your success. It’s also a great way for you to connect one-on-one with your favorite brands. Check our education tab for in-house and satellite classes from brands like Sunlights Balayage, MilkShake, OPI and CND. You can’t beat hands on, and our look and learns are always a hit. Then there’s our blog with everything from seasonal inspo to tips from our fave Insta stars. We also have a killer YouTube channel featuring brand how to’s, tutorials and more.

We’re real people, not bots

From the employee escorting your purchase from start to finish, to the voices and fingers at the other end of the phone and email, PinkPro Beauty Supply runs on people power. There’s no automated responses on our social media DMs (way too impersonal!) and we know many brand leaders and founders by name. It’s that personal connection to our brands, our employees and PinkPros like you that make us the best kept secret in the beauty supply world.

Have we convinced you to add us to your shortcuts? We hope so. We also hope you’ll tell your fellow pros about us, too, because some secrets deserve to be shared! What are you creating with your PinkPro supplies and tools? Tag us on the ‘Gram and show it off!