One of my favorite things to do to relax, other than binge watching an entire series on Netflix, is getting a manicure. Treating yourself and getting pampered is, in my opinion, necessary for a happy life. Getting a manicure doesn’t only make your nails look fantastic it also has many mental and physical health benefits. Our hands are more exposed to daily dirt and germs than any other part of our bodies. A professional manicure includes a thorough cleaning and lotions designed to exfoliate your skin. All the grime will be removed keeping your hands smooth and reduce any appearance of wrinkles. Who wants wrinkles on their hands?! I know I don’t! Moisturizers and cuticle treatments are massaged into the skin in a professional manicure. The massaging action isn’t only relaxing, it also helps improve blood circulation to your extremities. Improving your blood circulation can help reduce pain and help your body distribute heat during the colder months. A manicure is a great way to be pampered. After a stressful day or week, manicures can completely remove your stress and you get the benefit of having gorgeous nails that can last for weeks. In the words of my one of my favorite TV duos….. "Treat Yo’ Self!" treat yo self