You dropped a lot of cash, and hours, on your cosmetology or barber degree. But one thing you probably didn’t learn in the course of your licensing was how to survive the salon holiday rush. Here’s our tips (and a pair of cameos by two of our favorite stylists!) for prepping yourself emotionally and physically for the upcoming season.


It’s Time for Fall Spring Cleaning A deep clean of your station, backbar and supply stash can act as a big emotional sweep before the salon holiday rush. Give all your tools a tune up, consolidate supplies, throw out your empties and give everything a good scrub until it sparkles down to the last bobby pin. Like tossing fresh sheets on a bed, it will set you up for success emotionally and you won’t waste time looking for that crimper or thinning shears when you barely have time to breathe. Order Ahead + Then Some That deep clean will flesh out your shopping list. Before the salon holiday rush is here, stock up on your favorite brands, hair colors, accessories and tools, so you’re not down to the last foil during a full head of teasy lights. This is the perfect time to cash in on intro deals, too, as they might include something from a brand that you hadn’t considered trying before. Hide Goodies For Yourself You can’t make your clients look their best for Santa if you can’t take care of yourself. Make sure those days of skipping lunches and living off Christmas candy are history by creating a small stash of goodies to fuel you during the salon holiday rush. Granola bars, nuts and dried fruit are the perfect pick-me-ups when sitting down to a full meal is impossible. Keep a pretty holiday basket in the fridge stocked with cheese rounds, nut butters, veggie sticks and hummus for healthy grazing in between clients (and keep it stocked until Christmas Eve!). A little dark chocolate wouldn’t hurt either, it’s full of antioxidants! Go By The Book Christiana Sayyah, aka @glitter_artist, advises encouraging your clients to prebook their holiday appointments to alleviate the salon holiday rush. “We all want our books filled, but I've learned the hard way that clients need to respect your hours and your time. When you can get in a habit of planning your own schedule including when you post, work, shop, work out, spend time with loved ones, etc life will seem so less stressful.”  Adopt a Self Care Mantra Self care is smart, not selfish during the salon holiday rush. “Me time” is vital to decompress, rest your body and clear your mind. “With the holiday's approaching, I make sure I still take days off. I get regular massages every two weeks to manage chronic pain as well as keep my body going in salon. It's so important to ‘treat yo self’ and take that time away to do something just for you,” Christiana adds. Even Santa Sets Boundaries It’s vital to set boundaries during the salon holiday rush. Saying “no” to that last minute walk-in allows you to clear space so you can say “yes” to more booking clients (and yes to those last-minute holiday parties, too). Again, Christiana: “I think in the beauty industry most of us are people pleasers, so remember to be firm and set boundaries for yourself. If you are overworked and upset most of the time, really ask yourself why. Did you take an extra appointment or two for the week you shouldn't have? Even workaholics need breaks!” Jingle All the Way… Home Have previous salon holiday rushes made you feel like a stranger in your own home? Have you missed out on those important milestones because you had just oooone one more balayage on the books? Make this the season to step back and re-prioritize. After all, your clients aren’t the only ones who deserve to celebrate during the holidays.  “Being a mom has been the greatest journey. I’m loving it so much,” says new mom Kaylee Smiley, aka @kayleesmileyhair. “Holiday season is by far the busiest time for stylists. I’ve learned you can get burned out mentally, physically, and creatively. I set boundaries by not working on my days off, and instead using that time to spend time with my family and practicing self care.” This holiday season, Kaylee has a little one to rush home to after a day behind the chair! Are you making any in changes to better serve YOU during the salon holiday rush? We’d love to hear them below!