Getting ready to deck your salon halls? We share our tips on how to set your salon up for holiday success. The first in this series: How to Create A Winning Gift Display. The secret sauce is all in the numbers: Devote 80% of your holiday area to products and 20% to decor. And use common sense to make sure that 20% matches your salon vibe. For instance, don’t go with rustic metal display bins if you’re a glam spot. Avoid the glittery snowflake ornaments if you’re an industrial space.

Here are five ways to make those numbers pop for your holiday shoppers:

Cache is Key

Stock your holiday gift display with distinctive items you don’t carry normally. Feature designer and specialty gifts, like hair accessories, makeup compacts, beauty essential minis and lotions and potions with wintry scents.

Card Them

Salon gift cards are perfect for hard-to-please people, so find a creative way to make them an essential part of your holiday display. Idea: Reward anyone that spends say $75 and up on gift cards an extra $25 to gift themselves.

Initiate Impulse

Mock the “Sephora model” of impulse buys at checkout! Holiday gifts and stocking stuffers should be easy to see, and presented as items your holiday shoppers never knew were on their gift list. Travel minis, styling tools, mani sets, nail polish and lip gloss minis, cosmetic bags, aromatherapy sprays/candles, and men’s grooming must-haves make irresistible stocking stuffers, teacher’s gifts and last minute surprises.

Wrap It Up!

Offer free gift wrapping in festive papers, bags and boxes that match your salon vibe and your holiday gift display. Stock up on tissue paper, gift bags and boxes, tags and twine in seasonal colors like gold, silver, red and green. Don’t forget to add a salon business card or custom-printed thank you tag to the gifts!