The beauty industry is a competitive world. Getting a new client can almost feel like Christmas to a professional hair stylist. Women (and men) take great pride in the way their hair looks. They want quality haircuts by someone they can trust. As a stylist you have probably built or are trying to build a pretty substantial client base. But how do you keep them coming back? A salon is not just about the best service, but also about customer service. There are many different and simple things that you, as a stylist, can do to insure a client returns. • Channel your inner guru- Clients often turn to Pinterest to find inspiration for their new do. If they come in with multiple pictures don’t be afraid to voice your opinion on what would and would not work for their hair type. Confidence and decisiveness are driving forces behind a successful business. Clients come to you because you are an expert. • Start a loyalty program- If you don't already have a rewards or loyalty program start one! Clients like to be rewarded for spending money. Having a loyalty program can be rewarding for your clients but can also be rewarding for you. A loyalty program can help you track a client’s information and any previous formulas you have used on them. • Be open to feedback- Not every client is going to be happy with their haircut or service. Remember that the customer is always right! Be sure to listen to their complaint and offer ways to help make the situation better. • Re-Connect- If you haven’t had a client come in for a few months, call them and offer them an incentive to come back, like a discount or special you are offering. Calling a client will show them that you care and are willing to go out of your way to make sure they have a great experience. • Be Accommodating- If a client is running late or needs to reschedule, let them know that it’s okay, even though it might not be. You don’t want your client taking their business elsewhere. • Offer tips- A great haircut will look great outside of the salon as it does in it. After the haircut, offer the client tips for how to maintain it. Show them how to use the different products you used on them that day. This will also increase the likelihood of them buying some of your products! • And last but not least: Listen!