Men are on a mission and women on an adventure when it comes to shopping. It dates back to the days of hunter/gatherer society when men hunted big game, killed it, and drug it home while the women searched, assessed and gathered the best edible plants and non-poisonous berries. These primal hunting instincts show up the moment men and women walk through the door of a shopping center. Women walk in and scan while men look for a specific thing immediately. Men want a good solution and women seek the perfect answer. Men are more purpose driven and want to get in and out quickly. Women are more possibility driven and like to consider and compare what is out there. She wants more interaction and he wants quick answers. Although men’s care represents a very small percentage of sales for most tanning salons, it is a “low hanging fruit” product niche that has growth potential. Keep this in mind when building product displays. Men, for example require very little variety as any “elk” will do. Women on the other hand are more sensitive to variations in color, texture, and smell. Having less variety also leads to more of the in and out efficiency men desire. If they are confused or overwhelmed with options they clam up and don’t buy. This is why it is a good idea to dedicate a small section of real estate to their needs. Keep signage clear, simple, specific, and geared towards a solution to a problem. Men are not browsers. They are task oriented. They shop for what they need now so have shampoo and conditioner readily available. A much needed beard oil or pomade should move around much less than a gazelle so the conquest in their mind should be achieved with minimal time and effort. Men enjoy saving time and will in turn pay more than women because they won’t spend the time to compare everything and usually buy the first thing that meets their criteria. Offer gentlemen a low medium and high end product mix and strategically place products making it quick and easy for men to find what they need. Male shopper loyalty depends primarily on the ability of a sales associate to get them in and out of the store quickly. We have made it easy for you. We have a category for Men's Products all to themselves. Check out our offerings and start building your man cave display inside your business today!!!