With the changing leaves of fall come changing hair colors. Whether you have blond, red or brown hair, there are hot new colors for every shade this season. There are always different hair color trends and we found five of the most coveted hair colors for 2016.

Raven Black

This moody, wintery color is perfect for the upcoming season.

fc 1

Creamy Blonde

This color is an easy option for clients looking to enhance their platinum color.

fc 2

Light Hair, Dark Roots

We have all been guilty of grown out roots but guess what? Now it’s a trend that clients pay for!

fc 3

Bombshell Red

A bombshell red is always in style, but we're digging the copper colors of this years trend.


Honey Highlights

These highlights can transform any dull hair color with brighter accents and dimension.

fc 4


This soft blend of blonde and brunette has been a salon favorite.

fc 5