Beautiful hair color doesn’t come easy. It takes artistry, formulation, application skills and powerful tools to make a stylist’s vision a reality. Colortrak ambassador Christiana Sayyah, aka @glitter_artist, shows us four aptly titled heads of hair she mastered with Colortrak tools. Find these bestsellers at! We Like to Party “I used Colortrak Meche to separate my sections on the top layer and under the nape layer, to keep my cape clean. The top layer of hair has a different pattern than the rest of the color.  Electric Rainbow Slide “I used my Liquid Glitter Brushes for color application, using The Blending Tool between colors to feather and blend. During the lightening process, I used my Colortrak Silicone Whisk to ensure an even mixture and I used Colortrak meche to separate my sections.”  Blended Babylights “I used my non slip Colortrak Croc Clips to section her thick hair and keep it in place and Colortrak Pop Up Foils for easy grab and go foil application. I used the Ambassador Hand Held Brush to apply the lightener in the foils.”  Rainbow Lollipop “Coloring this wig, I needed extra bowls for all the rainbow colors, so I used my Colortrak Caddy to take up less space as well as my Colortak Mini Brushes and bowls. I used Colortrak Detailing Brushes for the smaller, hard to reach areas of the wig and my Ambassador Long Handle Brush with dense bristles for the prism pattern. Since the heads of the Ambassador Brushes pop off and are interchangeable, it helped with saving time during this tedious process.