We’re all about ease, so on top of our free shipping over $75 promise (you know about that, right?) here’s 5 ways to save yourself time and sanity in 2020.

Make an Appointment

We all know the prebook is our bread and butter. If you’re an old schooler and love the analog way of jotting down your next teasy light, you’ll love our collection of salon appointment books. And you’ll never again be unprepared for a digital book when they’re backed up manually on paper!

Don’t Be a Drip

Bleach spotted capes are a buzzkill! Shop Talk chemical capes are super fun and colorful, but also chemical and bleach proof and water resistant, saving you cleanup and replacement time. Resist the drips with its generous size (46 x 56 inches), snap closure and easy hang hook. And at the end of the day, they go right into the wash machine. Shop them in Relax It’s Only Hair Color, Not Your Mama’s Perm and Roots Are For Trees. And don’t forget bleach safe towels in a rainbow of colors to match your station, too!

Be Fast and Foiled

Framar wins the pop up foil game! Pop up Foil It sheets are speedy time savers, featuring no-slip grips, central creases and a pre folded edge so you can go right from box to hair. In a range of colors from Babelicious Blue, Rose All Day, Starstruck Silver, Desert Bloom and Man Eater Magenta, you’ll never cross pollinate colors again. Unless you want to…

Double Duty

We’re huge fans of Colortrak’s versatile tools and the Ambassador collection is no exception. Dual, interchangeable heads mean one brush and endless possibilities. Check out the Ambassador Handheld, with an ergonomically designed clear handle (with thumb grip!) or the Ambassador Long Handle, a tint brush with a stain resistant acrylic handle that reduces wrist fatigue. Both feature interchangeable heads, one feather and one firm and replacement heads mean your brush is always at its best.

Try This Toning Trick

Toning is the finishing touch to any color service. Keracolor Toning Drops deliver lickety split, healthy toning without having to step away and formulate or mix. Just add Violet or Gold toning drops (or both!) to any cream conditioner or mask for ultra perfect, keratin-powered toning and color cancellation right at the bowl. You can check out our Keracolor deals in our January/February promo guide here! Speaking of saving time, are you following us on Instagram and Facebook? We’d love to see how you’re slaying 2020; just tag us in your pics and be sure to use #PinkProLove when tossing us a shout!